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Flush doors

Doors with flush design profile FB
Door with flush design profile FB
Drawing of the flush profile
Drawing of the flush profile

...with the new design profile FB.

Flush doors with harmonious lines, aesthetic recess and harmonious closing edges are features of contemporary architecture. The trend towards a reduction of visible structures through to puristic solutions as well as a formal integration of technical and functional elements has asserted itself in many areas in recent years. Wish and reality collide on the building site. Cumbersome detailed solutions can quickly consume a lot of time and money and result in an execution risk.

When developing our solution, we always also consider a simple installation in addition to the architectural quality and ease of use. With the Teckentrup design profile FB, we have developed a simple solution for flush styling. We now thereby enable simple installation of doors with contemporary and aesthetic styling.

Flush front
Attractive and contemporary
Frame profile in mitre
Design stainless steel fittings
High quality

Anti-burglary up to RC 4 possible
✔ Variability of the "62"
Stable constructions
✔ Short delivery times
✔ Quick installation on the building site


The suitable design for every purpose

With the Teckentrup design profile FB, we have developed a simple solution for flush styling. We now thereby enable simple installation of doors with contemporary and aesthetic styling. The frame set can be easily combined with standard frames. In combination with a block frame, the door is flush with the wall, as a supplement to corner or closed frames, the door leaf is flush in the frame and level with the floor bar. The broad variability of the door variants available is also ensured with the design profile FB: They are available with many additional functions. Smoke protection, sound insulation, anti-burglary protection, glazing - the doors can be adapted to almost any structural and planning specification::

• Construction
• Contemporary industrial architecture
• Offices
• Healthcare, nurseries or education
• Hotels, Public buildings
• Server rooms

Zarge auf Gehrung

Frame mitre

Ästhetische Optik

Aesthetic appearance


Teckentrup Feuerschutztür mit Designprofil-FB

Usage of the design profile FB


Profiles are cut to mitre joint and applied on the frame at the plant.

Available for

Thin rebate 1)                                        

• T30/T90
• Multi-purpose
• RC2-RC4 
• Sound insulationup to 43dB
• Smoke protection                        

Thick rebate 2)

• T30
• Multi-purpose                           
• RC2-RC3
• Sound insulationup to 42dB
• Smoke protection                       

1) Excluded: Stainless steel doors, upper casing
2) Opening angle reduced to 160°

Size range

Modular dimension 1-leaf:
width:    625 - 1500 mm
height: 1750 - 2500 mm

Modular dimension 2-leaf:
width:  1375 - 2500 mm
height: 1750 - 2500 mm

Frame variants

• Corner frame + counter frame
• Closed frame
• Block frame 4.1

Wall types

• Masonry
• Concrete
• Autoclaved aerated concrete walls
• Lightweight construction stud wall only with
   block frame 4.1 (with T30, multi-purpose)

Door closers

• Top door closer on hinge side
• Optionally: integrated door closer on opposite hinge side


• 3D hinges, galvanised
• Optionaly: 3D hinges in stainless steel


• Flush glazing T30
• Other glazing types available depending of fitting features