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Thermally separated door dw 62 "iso+" (DF)

Thermally separated door dw 62-1 "iso+" (DF)

✔ 1-LEAF
HEAT INSULATION: UD = 0,83 W/(m2k)

Door leaf, 62 mm thick and rebated on 3 sides. Active door leaf DIN right. Corner frame, 1.5 mm thick, with 3-sided seal and Bottom sill. Door leaf and frame galvanized and powder coated, similar to RAL 9002 (grey white). Hinge and opposite hinge side thermally separated.

The Teckentrup iso+ is suitable as an outside door for all areas of the energy modernisation Methods within the private and commercial sectors, but also for the planning of new builds cording to the latest EnEV. In comparison to conventional multi-purpose doors it improves thermal insulation by up to 40%. Thanks to additional sound insulation (max. 38 dB), the door still achieves the outstanding UD value of 1a.0 W/(m²·k).

The Teckentrup iso+ is optionally available in a burglar-resistant RC 2 version. The door fulfils the specifications of DIN EN 14351-1 and is labelled with the CE mark as per building product Guidelines for external doors.

Teckentrup Piktogramm_Einsatz in Außenwände
Use in outdoor walls
CE labelling as per
EN 14351-1

Teckentrup Piktogramm_Einbruchhemmung
as per EN 1627-RC2*
Teckentrup Piktogramm_Schalldämmung

as per EN 10140 /
EN 717-1 up to
max. RW 38 dB*


* with supplementary equipment

Technical data


Thermally separated steel door dw 62-1 „Teckentrup ISO+“
Heat insulation as per EN ISO 12567-1: UD= 0.89 W(m²K)


• Masonry
• Concrete
• Lightweight construction wall
• Autoclaved aerated concrete wall

Size range

Modular dimension 1-leaf:
Width:    625 - 1250 mm
Height: 1750 - 2350 mm

Door leaf

• Double-skinned
• Thick rebated on three sides
• Door leaf thickness: 62 mm
• Sheet thickness: 0.75/1.0 mm
• Hinge and opposite hinge side thermally insulated
• Insulation: PU filling
• 3D hinges galvanised


• Corner frame, 1.5 mm thick, with 3-sided seal and bottom sill
• Frame fixed with 3 screws each side
• Thermally separated

Special frame equipment: Closed frame


Door leaf and frame galvanised, powder-coated and primed; grey white like RAL 9002. RAL colour optional.

Special equipment

• Handle sets / Lever/Knob sets:
   (plastic, light metal, stainless steel, with short plate or rose escutcheon)
• Prepared for rose escutcheon
• Top door closer as per DIN EN 1154
• Lock (panic locks)
• Lock (Profil cylinder 30.5 + 30.5 mm)
• Aluminium rain guard
• Triple locking system

Smaller energy loss

(left): Visible Energy loss without thermally separated door
(right): Far smaller Energy loss thanks to thermally separated door