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Teckentrup doors for every demand


The right door for every room

Whether light and delicate in offices or private homes, or solid and stable in special areas like judiciary or medical buildings: Representative interior architecture, high technical requirements, such as fire protection and the maintenance of escape paths, and accessibility are standard in most buildings today. Passages play a significant role here: They often have to satisfy each factor equally: provide a nice appearance as well as fire and smoke protection, and be accessible for people with disabilities in the event of a fire. The technical requirements for doors are therefore complex.

From fire and smoke protection to burglary resistance and sound insulation to heat insulation, we offer individual door systems for all requirements in property construction: Teckentrup fire-resistant doors meet all requirements of the resistance classifications for fire-resistant (T30), highly fire-resistant (T60) and fireproof (T90). Smoke-protection doors from Teckentrup are tested in accordance with DIN standards and have special seal systems and door Closers. Teckentrup security doors protect people and valuables. From basement security doors to prison cell doors, our burglar-resistant doors provide protection up to RC 4 thanks to their effective design. For anyone looking for protection against sound and noise, Teckentrup sound-insulated doors up to 57 dB are the right product. Sound insulation doors comply with the applicable DIN Standards. Double-walled, heat-insulated multi-purpose stainless steel doors are used anywhere where energy losses are to be avoided. Many buildings have room closures that are absolutely required. Since the look of the doors used are not to disrupt the interior design, our durable interior doors made of steel perfectly match any surroundings.

Teckentrup project doors are state-of-the-art – they have been tested and certified in accordance with current standards. Functionality and reliability of our products are only a part of it. Our products also deliver when it comes to aesthetics, also striking a good figure in residential and lifestyle applications. Project doors from Teckentrup enable planners, architects and contractors nearly limitless design possibilities.

T30 fire door

Fire resistant doors as per DIN 4102/EN 1634-1

T60 fire door

Highly fire-resistant doors as per DIN 4102/EN 1634-1

T90 fire door

Fire-proof doors as per DIN 4102/EN 1634-1

Smoke-proof doors

Smoke-protection doors as per EN 1643-3/DIN 18095-1

Security doors

Burglar-resistant doors as per ENV 1627/EN 1627

Sound insulation doors

Sound-insulated doord as per DIN/EN 10140/717-1

Multi-purpose doors

Thermally insulated doors with multi-function

Internal doors

Steel internal doors with a wide variety of features


Always matches your taste


The numerous safety functions of project doors are guaranteed with various door closers, arresting devices, drives, anti-panic equipment and with high-quality fittings and electrical equipment which implement current requirements on reliable function with an integrated system.

Design range

A wide variety of colours and surfaces, hinges, door handles, and glazing variants provide ample leeway for the visual design. Choose from a large selection, the result is as aesthetically pleasing overall impression that appears to have come from a mould. 

Thick rebate doors

The single/double-leaf thick rebate steel doors provide even more stability wherever it is installed due to its structural design, as well as the option to choose metal sheets with final coatings. The standard exposed masonry installation process is now even easier. The use of aluminium cover strips with the glazing as well as full-surface and flush-mounted door leaves optimise the design.