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T60 highly fire-resistant doors


T60 door for optimal fire protection

Are you tasked with having to reliably secure a building or even an entire complex with respect to fire protection? And do you have the opportunity to use T60 doors in accordance with local building codes? Do you also value a matching aesthetic look? Then we at Teckentrup have exactly what you are looking for! With us, you will get a T60 door that not only resists heat, fire and, where needed, smoke in accordance with its classification, but that also seamlessly integrates into the building design or even provides a modern accent, upon request. Take advantage of our decades of experience and tell us what you are looking for, and together we will find a custom solution for your building.

You are surely aware that the occurrence of fire cannot be entirely eliminated. By planning a fire protection door, you are acting responsibly and doing something for the protection of people and property. The reliable fire protection door of our T60 fire protection door is proven by the fact that it is already used in all areas of industry, public buildings, business spaces, parking garages and residential construction.



The following benefits are certain:

• Improved fire protection
• Certified according to EN 1634-1
• Flush-mounted door leaf flush without protruding edges
• Faster installation
• Easier to close
• More safety, design and convenience



T60 highly fire-resistant door
T60 highly fire-resistant door in a restaurant

T60 highly fire-resistant door prevents the fast fire spread in buildings.

T60 highly fire-resistant doors in a basement garage

T60 fire-resistant door in a restaurant

T60 fire-resistant door isolates different Rooms in public buildings

Teckentrup T60 highly fire-resistant doors

T60 door provides 60 minutes of safty

Doors of the T60 fire-resistant resistance classification provide reliable protection against the outbreak of a fire: The automatic locking function is activated, the flames are prevented from spreading, and the area behind the door is insulated from the high temperatures. With the smoke-proof version, dangerous smoke gases remain behind the door. You can rely on our T60 doors because they are, without exception, tested according to EN 1634-1 and approved according to DIN 4102. The separating effect of the fire protection door is tested according to strict criteria, which ensures minimal temperatures on the side facing away from the fire. A T60 door can withstand the given criteria for at least 60 minutes. It thus provides twice as much protection than the T30 door that is classified as “fire-resistant”. Within the framework of the DIN ISO 9001 QM system, we constantly test our doors so that we can guarantee the maximum production quality and a long service life.

With Teckentrup, you are buying more than a reliable T60 fire protection door, you are purchasing a high-quality design element at the same time which can apply interesting accents to your building and integrate subtly and seamlessly into the existing architecture. For example, choose a simple and elegant robust steel door with rectangular glazing such as our T60-1-FSA 'Teckentrup 62’ which is available in 1-leaf and 2-leaf variants. A special fire protection glass ensures more light and openness between rooms without you having to skimp on the safety provided by a classic hermetically-sealed fire protection door. Additionally, the T60-FSA Teckentrup 62 series is equipped for installation into exposed masonry. Check out our products today and let your Teckentrup professional advise you on which T60 door best suits your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!