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T90 fire proof steel doors

Teckentrup T90 fire proof door

If you need to install T90 doors in a building complex, Teckentrup is your first point of contact as a door professional. If you are concerned about security as well as aesthetics, our broad product range of special doors provides the required protection from hazardous situations such as fire and smoke generation.

T90 door for greatest fire protection 

Dangerous fire can occur anywhere, regardless if it’s an industrial building or a residential complex. Make sure that people are protected and avoid the worst by installing a T90 door. Fire protection doors are part of any well-conceived fire protection plan for a building. But why should you decide on a T90 fire protection door?

It’s quite simple: T90 doors are given the rating “fire-proof” and ensure that no flames penetrate through the door in serious situations. The heat created by the fire is also held back for as long as possible. T90 provides the maximum resistance classification, which, in concrete terms, means that corresponding doors can withstand the strictest testing criteria of EN 1634-1 for at least 90 minutes. After successful testing, our fire protection doors are approved in accordance with DIN 4102. We subject our T90 doors to the strictest quality tests within the framework of the DIN ISO 9001 QM system so that each individual door from our broad assortment provides the maximum performance over its long service life.

The so-called multi-purpose doors are subjected to additional tests, in accordance with DIN EN 1627 (RC), for example, in which the degree of anti-burglary protection is tested, or in accordance with DIN 18095 which determines the degree to which the door is smoke-proof. This results in a practical side effect: With a T90 fire protection door, you are investing in fire and smoke protection. And, at the same time, you receive a tried and tested device to protect against unwanted guests.

T90 fire proof door and hatch
T90 fire proof door in a fashion shop

T90 fire proof doors prevent the pass through of fire for 90 minutes

T90 fire proof door with 2 leafs

T90 fire proof doors are often installed between fire compartments where a lot of people have to use the doorway.

T90 Feuerschutztür in einer Tiefgarage

T90 fire proof doors are often used to separate fire compartments in industrial buildings, shopping areas, public buildings, basement garages, hospitals or event locations.

T90 door as functional design element

At Teckentrup, functionality and design always go hand-in-hand, and this applies to our fire proof doors, of course. Many models are available with various glazing options and can be integrated well into ambitious architectural designs as visual highlights. Depending on the planned size, the T90 doors are available in 1-leaf and 2-leaf variants. If you do not want to ignore either the sanitary aspect or an elegant look, then simply choose a door made of stainless steel. For example, how about the Teckentrup T90-2-FSA "62" model that is available in the dimensions 3000 x 3000 mm? Or does the Teckentrup T90-1-FSA Teckentrup "62DF" fire proof door with thick rebate better match the structural characteristics of your building?

If you are uncertain which T90 fire proof door best suits your plans, we are happy to advise you! Make the decision for technically sophisticated fire protection today and contact us directly so that we can begin planning your new room closures. Of course, we will also handle the rapid and correct installation of your T90 fire proof door.