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CarTeck garage doors

Teckentrup garage doors stand not only for modern technology, but design and safety as well. You will find an overview of our products on this page. We present our sectional and up-and-over garage doors. Depending on the individual situation, both variants have pros and cons for homeowners. To learn what they are, what you should consider while purchasing, and how you can find a door suitable for your structural characteristics, check out the following information.


Security meets comfort
Security meets comfort
CarTeck sectional doors and the associated drives provide greater protection against unauthorized access. This is particularly important if valuables are stored in the garage or if there is a direct passage from the garage into the house. CarTeck components make up the ideal system for burglar protection.
Certified security
Certified security
Rely on added security thanks to a great offer featuring many individual components. Benefit from anti-burglary security features, very convenient operation, high levels of durability and guaranteed quality. The finger pinch protection protects you from injury. The optional light barrier provides even more safety.
Secure investment
Secure investment
When you build a house, you look to the future. Only a solution that will last for years is a good investment. This is what makes CarTeck products so valuable. Teckentrup stands for "Made in Germany". With over 80 years of experience, we use durable, high-quality materials and work with the greatest precision.


Selection criteria for a garage door


When selecting a suitable garage door, there are many criteria that can influence the decision. The up-and-over garage door was the typical garage door of the past. With an overhead garage door and an up-and-over garage door, the entire door leaf is moved in such a way that it swings forwards and upwards under the garage roof. The sectional door is known as a space-saver. A sectional door consists of sections, meaning of individual elements connected to one another that move upwards during opening. The entire sectional door then lies below the garage roof. Up-and-over garage doors are less expensive to have than sectional garage doors, but these also provide the necessary clearance height for large cars. There are always a few questions to answer beforehand. Technical requirements, convenience and security demands, and diverse design wishes are essential when selecting a garage door. The styling, construction and functionality of a door play an important role when planning a garage door. The selection criteria for a garage door are given in the following:


1. Space requirements in front of the garage door

The up-and-over garage door is made from one panel and always opens upwards, but it does require space inside and in front of the garage. With a sectional door, the isolated panels move vertically upwards. Thus, the door can be moved when a vehicle is parked directly in front of the garage. Those with little room in front of the garage are best served by the sectional door.

2. The safety aspect

The aspect of safety must be considered when selecting a garage door. The greatest difference lies in the manner in which the garage door opens. A garage must be burglar-resistant because many garages are connected to the residence with just one door. The garage door must therefore be stable, durable and secure. In comparison, up-and-over garage doors are somewhat more inexpensive, however, these models do come with a certain risk of injury. There should be no people or animals in the swing arc of the garage door. With their drive systems, sectional doors are always secured against the possibility of the door being pried open, and there is no risk of injury when the door is opened.

3. Convenience of an electric garage door drive

The garage door can be thoroughly convenient. There are many benefits of an electric garage door drive. It is simple for the driver to remotely open and close the garage door, and not just while it is raining and storming. This saves time on a daily basis. The drive provides resistance when the door is pried up, so the door also protects against burglars. The garage lights and the outside lights can be switched on and off at the same time. The electric garage drive is thus a great asset.

Garage door without ribs, window grey
Sectional door, centre-ribbed

4. Design options of the garage door

The selection of a garage door is also influenced by design options. Sectional and up-and-over garage doors can be adapted perfectly to the home. The door colour can suit the window frame colour, and the various surfaces and materials can have a decisive impact on the selection of the door. Wood, aluminium, and, above all else, stainless steel are the most common garage door materials. However, they must be protected against light, temperature, moisture, wind and adverse weather. With solid wood garage doors, a regular protective coating is applied; with metal doors, on the other hand, paint and a possible primer are applied. A harmonious styling is important to many homeowners. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the overall impression given by the up-and-over or sectional garage door to the area.

5. Wicket doors with multi-purpose garages make sense

If a garage is visited often, then a wicket door or a second access point into the garage is necessary. This means you can avoid the cumbersome opening and closing of the garage door. A wicket door not only saves time, it also saves energy: the body’s energy, if the garage door is opened and closed with muscle power, and electrical energy for garage doors with electric drive. A wicket or side door is ideal for sectional garage doors if you need regular access to the garage. Additionally, a long power outage does not pose a problem since you can get into the garage at any time through the wicket or side door in the garage door.

6. The garage's heating insulation is key

A garage door in good quality pays for itself, primarily when the garage is subject to a great deal of cold and moisture. Temperatures within the garage can also sink rapidly and severely. Heat insulation in new garage doors is thus of key importance. If the garage doors insulate poorly, moisture can get into the garage and cause damage from rusting. Not only might cars and motorcycles be difficult to start, but other tools, frost-sensitive devices and stored items are affected by an incorrectly heat-insulated garage door. Corrosion and mould can, however, be avoided. When selecting a garage door, always make sure to consider how good the heat insulation of the garage door is. A garage owner will do well with a sectional garage door. With respect to the environment, a car driver can save energy, and thus money, with a sectional garage door due to the thickly insulated panels. If a garage is poorly insulated, am unwelcome thermal bridge often develops, which results in uncontrollable energy losses. Optimal insulation significantly increases the utility of the garage.

7. Question of budget as well as design

The more cost-effective alternatives are the up-and-over garage doors. More money has to be put on the table for a modern sectional garage door. But a sectional garage door can meet various criteria such as: preventing energy loss as well as providing security, convenience and space within and outside the garage. The sectional garage door is superior to the up-and-over garage door in terms of design and modernity.

CarTeck garage door without ribs, anthracite grey
For all installation conditions

For all installation conditions

Regardless of your door's clear opening dimensions: The CarTeck sectional garage doors are flexible enough to fit your specific requirements and can be installed without a hitch for any structural circumstances. Even on garages with a very low lintel. Very wide garage doors up to 5.5 metres are also possible. A wicket door can be integrated into a sectional door.

Easier parking

Easier parking

Modern cars are wider than the ones we drove 20 years ago, thus outdated up-and-over garage doors make it difficult to drive vehicles in and out. Damaged paintwork is often the consequence. Thanks to a CarTeck sectional door you will gain additional space on the side as there is no need for up-and-over door leverage mechanisms that will take up space. 



More space

More space

Remove the old up-and-over garage door – and then what? Our tip: opt for a modern sectional door. It requires very little space when opening and closing. Consequently, you will have more space to park in front of and inside the garage compared with up-and-over doors and will be able to park your vehicle directly in front of the door.

Significantly safer

Significantly safer

Especially with double garages, sectional doors make moving into and out of parking spaces easier and create more space to get into and out of the vehicle. People or items directly in front of the garage are not injured or damaged when opening a sectional garage door. Very low interior space requirements when open

Choose your dream door now

Teckentrup sectional door

Do you want to make your new home distinctive or adapt your new garage door to your surroundings? CarTeck sectional garage doors are as unique as you. Numerous solutions await with combinations of structure, stamping, materials, colours and glazings. Our sectional garage doors are very secure, quiet and user-friendly. Let us convince you with 12 good reasons to order a garage door.

Teckentrup up-and-over garage door

The CarTeck up-and-over garage doors offer exciting and diverse surface designs, sophisticated construction and roller technologies, and ease of use. 

Why a Teckentrup garage door? There are many reasons.

Our garage doors open new worlds and provide almost limitless design options. We combine design with safety. To do so, we develop integrated security approaches. Our products are designed and manufactured in Germany, thus ensuring the highest product quality. We provide everything from one source. On our website, you have the opportunity to configure your very own customer garage door and order it directly. We have a network of Teckentrup specialist partners across Germany. Have questions about our garage doors? Then contact our customer service or use our specialist partner search. Here you will find the nearest Teckentrup partner in your region. In the following, you will discover some convincing product benefits that will make it easy for you to decide on a Teckentrup garage door:

RAL Farbfächer

1. Many designs and colours

There is practically a limitless selection of colour tones for our garage doors: all RAL as well as other colour tones available. Have your garage door suit your house façade or your windows and door frames. Inexpensive trend colours and custom RAL colours await your choosing.

Sectional door with glazing

2. Our glazings

Be it to integrate elements elegantly or as an intentional contrast – glazing elements adapted to façades and windows crucially dominate the overall architecture of your home.

Burglary protection

3. Burglary protection

Combining a Teckentrup sectional garage door with the associated drive provides protection against unauthorised access. This is very important because there is direct passage to the house from the garage.


4. Limitless layout options

Each door can be equipped according to your wishes. For example, you can equip doors in modern trend colours, in all RAL colours or with wooden décor. Select between a number of surfaces, styles and glazings.


5. User-friendly

The tension springs in a Teckentrup sectional garage door are fed along the cover in encapsulated spring channels and ensure that the door moves uniformly.

Anti-corrosion characteristics

6. Anti-corrosion characteristics

Thanks to a special plastic element, the base area of the frame is constantly ventilated and thus permanently protected against corrosion.

Door runs smoothly

7. Door runs smoothly

The designs, which have been prepared to the smallest detail, such as the special plastic roller retainers, ensure that the sectional garage door opens and closes smoothly.

Additional security

8. Additional security

Even more secure due to the finger pinch guard, side hand guard and optional photocells.

First-class workmanship

9. First-class workmanship

Our door leaves consist of eight different layers that guarantee extraordinary durability and a long service life.

Optimal moisture protection

10. Optimal moisture protection

The floor seal of our sectional garage doors is resistant to rot, levels floor unevenness and protects against cold and moisture.

The Teckentrup guarantee

11. The Teckentrup guarantee

TECKENTRUP guarantees, according to the provisions of this guarantee, that TECKENTRUP sectional garage doors will be free of material and manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years after delivery for a maximum of 5 door operations (up/down) per day.

Teckentrup Made in Germany

12. Made in Germany

We develop and manufacture our products exclusively in Germany and provide future-safe jobs to our over 900 employees at our Verl and Großzöberitz locations.

Buy a garage door from a specialist retailer and have them install it

Replace your old door in a single day

Our service from one source

Focussing on results means to us that we find matching services for our customers. We provide plenty of advice and many major or minor service packages to suit your demands and perfectly install your garage door. We provide qualified specialist partners near you and offer service, installation, demonstrations and maintenance – all from a single source and throughout Germany. You can purchase your completely custom garage door from our specialist partners and have them install it for you.

We link speed to reliability. Together with our specialist partners we provide everything from a single source, from online planning to installation. We provide expert advice and always the best service during installation and maintenance.

Replace your old door in a single day

Contact a certified Teckentrup specialist retailer for on-site advice, to take measurements, install the door for you and correctly dispose of the old door.

Use our specialist partner search to look for Teckentrup partners near you. You can also send us an individual request. We will then forward it along to a suitable partner. Our specialist partners will contact you shortly and submit to you a non-binding offer upon request.