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Sectional garage door with wicket or side doors


A sectional garage door with door is always necessary when the garage is accessed regularly and the entire garage door is not to be opened every time. Integrate a sectional garage wicket door into the garage door or equip the sectional garage door with a separate side door that matches the building optics.  

Integrated wicket door

If your sectional garage door lacks the space to fit a side door, you can access the garage through a wicket door even without having to open the big garage door. A sectional garage side door protects from heat loss as it is not necessary to open the entire door to gain access. Wicket doors can exclusively be used in doors with electric drive and they are always located in the centre of the door.


Low threshold (48 mm) with all-round floor seal to protect from dirt and penetrating water. It also opens with slightly upward slanting flooring and is suitable for photocells.


  • Window frames/sash frames made of high-grade, extruded aluminium
    profiles with natural tone, E6/EV 1
  • Door filling matches the door
  • Three-sided, all-round, double buffer seal
  • Aluminium handle set, lock and profiled cylinder
  • Includes top door closer
  • Increased security thanks to finger pinch protection

Matching side doors

If your garage features a second access point or you plan to integrate one, include a matching side door in your order now. Be it for bicycles or wheelbarrows – garage side doors provide unrestricted access. Also benefit from the triple lock and protect your valuables in the garage even more effectively. We also offer 2-leaf side doors.



  • Matches the door, ample range of colours
  • Optionally available with glazing
  • Optionally available with burglary-resistant triple lock
  • Trim and sash frames made of high-grade, extruded aluminium profiles door colours
  • Door filling matches the door
  • Three-sided, all-round, double buffer seal
  • Floor seal matches door leaf in EPDM quality
  • With plastic handle set, lock and profiled cylinder

Double seal: In addition to the all-round seal on the door leaf, the door frame is also provided with a three-sided seal.

Non-perishable bottom seal made of an elastic, antifrost EPDM rubber profile forms the base in combination with the threshold strip.

Stylish aluminium screw-on hinges with secured hinge bolts make it extremely difficult to lever open the door. The hinges can be easily adjusted.