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Sectional garage door styles


You can choose from a total of four different styles for your sectional garage door: Without ribs, centre ribbed, ribbed and cassette. The individual product images show with which surfaces (woodgrain, stucco, micro-profiled, smooth) the individual styles can be combined.

Sectional garage door styles: without ribs

Its cutting-edge styling without ribs is popular. We have hit the current trends in home building that radiate a modern style (*available: woodgrain, stucco, micro-profiled, smooth).

Sectional garage door without ribs
Sectional garage door without ribs

Stylish: here the garage door ideally integrates into the overall style.

Sectional garage door without ribs

In this case, the door colour forms an intentional contrast to the building's façade.

Sectional garage door style: centre rib*

Subtle highlights on door leaf surfaces thanks to the centre rib. Particularly effective and elegant with very wide garage doors (*available in woodgrain, stucco, micro-profiled and smooth). 

Sectional garage door, centre ribbed
Sectional garage door, centre ribbed

The woodgrain surface in combination with a window grey centre rib styling.

Sectional garage door, centre ribbed

Beautiful contrast to extraordinary building styles: the centre rib in RAL 9016 is a highlight.


Sectional garage door style: rib*

The ribbed styling with even distribution across the entire door leaf offers plenty of design options. (*available in woodgrain, stucco, micro-profiled and smooth)

Sectional garage door with ribbed styling
Sectional garage door with ribbed styling

Its ribbed styling with traditional look harmoniously matches modern building designs.

Sectional garage door with ribbed styling

The ribbed styling is an appealing contrast to smooth, homogeneous façades.

Sectional garage door style: cassette*

This classic not only dominates the garage door, but also the entire building's styling. It has an expressive and sophisticated charisma (*available in woodgrain).

Sectional garage door with cassette
Sectional garage door with cassette

In this case, the even arrangement of cassettes generates a harmonious overall impression.

Sectional garage door with cassette

Here the cassette styling generates a Mediterranean feeling together with the building façade.



 You have the option of four different surfaces. Woodgrain and stucco are the classics among our sectional garage door surfaces due to their durability and ease of maintenance. The micro-profiled and smooth surface gives the sectional garage door a noble and modern look.


Garage door surface: woodgrain

The woodgrain garage door surface is especially popular. It has a true wood grain look and is very easy to maintain.


Garage door surface: stucco

The stucco garage door surface is very modern. The rugged surface is practical, easy to maintain, and finely grained. This makes small scratches very difficult.


Garage door surface: micro-profiled

The micro-profiled garage door surface is smooth and contains a wave profile. This element creates the corresponding light and shadow effects.


Garage door surface: smooth

The smooth garage door surface is featureless, which makes it very well suited to modern houses. Dust and moisture drop off, and the surface is very easy to clean.