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Smart Home for gargage doors


From lighting to the heating controls through to the entertainment system: Smart Home is the trend of our time and contemporary households can already today hardly be imagined without it. And this technology’s potential is far from being exhausted. Quite the contrary: There are no limits to increasing the comfort from smart ideas – both in one’s own four walls and in front of them. Ever more homeowners also want the garage door to be part of the Smart Home system and for it to be conveniently operable using a smartphone. For the smart integration of our CarTeck garage doors we have thus developed a simple and flexible solution concept: homee is compatible with most common Smart Home Systems.

Since many devices differ in the radio technology that they use to communicate, a modular solution which allows communication amonst devices regardless of the technology they use, will be the best solution for you. Based on the central cube – the Brain Cube – which collects and stores all information, there is a different cube for every radio technology. By adding on further cubes onto the brain cube, you may include devic. es with new radio technology in a trouble-free manner. Without having to change anything in your house or apartment, you can set up homee in just a few steps. All devices can be controlled via the free app or via the web surface. Smart Home how it is meant to be.

• Control via smartphone

• Can be integrated easily

• Control via one platform

• Modular retrofitable

Grafik Garagentor über Smart Home steuern
Grafik Teckentrup Smart Home Lösungen

Smart Home for all and entirely to individual needs.

The objective is more convenience. The routes there differ. Whereas one person uses Z-Wave of ZigBee for their Smart Home solution, someone else opts for WLAN. For all your customers to benefit from our convenient integration, we have opted for an independent cross-radio protocol solution with which all systems can be used centrally on one platform.

Your home is already smart – but you want more? Not a problem. You can add further cubes and thus additional radio technologies at any time. By adding on further cubes onto the brain cube, you may include devices with new radio technology in a trouble-free manner:

- Brain Cube (WLAN)
(Belkin, Netatmo, HomeMatic, AVM FRITZ!DECT, EUROtronic,...)
- EnOcean Cube
(AFRISO, Eltako, Hoppe, NodOn, Omnio,...)
- Z-Wave Cube

  (Aeotec, Danfoss, Devolo, Everspring, Fibaro, Popp, Philio, Qubino,...)
- ZigBee Cube
  (Philips Hue, Osram Lightify, Bitron, IKEA TRÅDFRI, Belkin, Paul Neuhaus, Schwaiger,...)

Abbildung homee Cube für Smart Home

Our packages



The Starter Package
The starter package promises a significant increase in comfort. With this package you may comfortably open and close your old garage door via smart phone. Besides, one glance on your smart phone screen is enough to know everywhere and at all times whether the garage door is opened or closed. And no grounds for moisture and mould with the starter package as it includes a multi-sensor that measures the temperature and humidity and it can even indicate brightness and movement within the garage.
RRP € 399,- (incl. VAT.)
Smart Home - Einstiegspaket

homee Brain Cube + Z-Wave Cube
Aeotec Multi-Sensor 6
Aeotec garage door control and surveillance


Safety Solution
If, in addition to comfort increased safety is a requirement, this package including a FULL HD outside camera will be a good choice. Thanks to object recognition and a push notification sent, the owner will receive a query to remotely open the garage. Ideal, when for example the delivery service is waiting at your door and you are not home. Further it offers floodlighting for surveillance in the dark, saves videos and supports live-stream broadcasting.
RRP € 299,- (incl. VAT.), available as of Q2/2019

Smart Home - Paket Sicherheitslösung

Netatmo Prescence (via WIFI)
Only working in conjunction with starter package


The Lighting Solution
Regardless, whether automatic lighting whilst approaching the garage or a time-controlled dimming is in demand: The lighting package comprising the newly developed frame illumination supplies ideal lighting conditions according to your needs. It provides outside lighting for the garage door and the yard and puts the spotlight on your garage door. (available as of Q3/2019)

Smart Home - Paket Lichtlösung

homee ZigBee Cube
Teckentrup frame illumination incl. ZigBee-Controller
Only working in conjunction with starter package

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