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Industrial doors


Large openings in production plants, warehouses, etc. are usually closed with a single-walled or double-walled factory or industrial door. The primary concern for such doors is that they are functional over a long service life, since they are often associated with complex production or logistical processes and the interruption of such would result in considerable costs. A Teckentrup industrial door can thus boast extreme durability and reliable performance. Roller doors or grilles or industrial sectional doors are often installed in outside walls which open vertically upwards and thus require less room in front of or behind the entrance. These plant doors are normally combined with plastic high-speed doors that keep heat within the space by quickly opening and closing. Folding doors require more swivel room for the leaves, but they can be installed for extreme widths of up to 16 metres. The door leaf of sliding doors is pushed to the side of the opening when opened. Each of the industrial doors named can also be equipped with a drive system in order to ensure easy operation. In addition, the fire protection door is also considered an industrial door. This door serves to separate fire compartments within the plant interior.

Teckentrup industrial doors are available with a number of designs and furnishings and will match the architectural aesthetics of any building façade. Due to their appealing modern look, for example with chic glazing elements, our industrial doors are true eye-catchers within the entire industrial area! In short: Customers from industry enjoy excellent product quality and expert service from one source at Teckentrup. We are happy to help you with any planning questions with respect to industrial doors.

Major advantages of our industrial doors:

✔ Many different door solutions for individual requirements
✔ Suitable design for every structural situation
✔ Comprehensive planning, installation and maintenance service
✔ Fastest delivery times and quick installation



Our industrial sectional doors

Industrial sectional doors

There are just as many areas of use for Teckentrup industrial sectional doors, often called industrial doors, as we have models. They are custom-designed to reliably close openings in the exterior walls of industrial buildings, emergency service centres, logistics centres, warehouses, fire stations or production sites.

Roller shutters and roller grilles

Teckentrup roller shutters are especially suitable for high and particularly for wide openings because of the space-saving roller mechanism and the sturdy roller shutter curtain. Our sophisticated door system is highly cost effective and features a robust and simple design.

Fire-protection doors

Teckentrup fire-protection sliding doors are often used in exterior walls to close less frequented halls and warehouses. In addition to manual operation, they can also be opened and closed by an electric drive. Sliding doors are often used in interior areas as fire protection doors.

Folding doors

The Teckentrup folding door line is compact and systematically coordinated. Our folding doors are the optimal solution for wide openings of up to 16 metres or, where the interior space is limited, with special quick-release mechanisms for folding doors in fire stations.

Demands on design and security

World of colours


With us, planners can implement their design ideas without making compromises. We have a practically infinite selection of RAL and other colour tones. Each door can be equipped according to your wishes.


Design range

Always match your tastes: Irrespective of what façade design you are planning, our industrial doors fit harmoniously in all cases. Teckentrup industrial doors give planners and architects more design options. The pleasing, modern look, with attractive glazing elements or different surfaces for example, makes our industrial doors eye-catchers in the entire industrial area.



Protection against flames, heat, smoke, mechanical forces and the elements. Our doors meet the highest demands around the world and are certified accordingly in many countries. Teckentrup industrial doors are designed to be extremely robust and reliable. They are sturdy, equipped with proven technology and optimally designed to comply with all standards.