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Fire-proof steel lifting door T90-1-FSA "HT-E"

Fire-proof steel lifting door T90-1-FSA "HT-E"


Teckentrup fire protection lifting doors are safely guided vertically by lateral guiding rails. These models are used anywhere with no space towards the sides or in areas where a fire protection sectional door cannot be used as a result of a high ceiling. Fire-proof steel vertical lift gate T90 is tested in accordance with DIN 4102. It is a single-leaf door opening upwards with a galvanized door leaf, 63 mm thick (element design). The door has a 3-sided door seal, lateral guide rails with element guide rollers. Automatic closing of the door due to dead weight of the door leaf. Manual opening with the aid of counterweights in the protective box.


As per DIN 4102/
EN 1634-1

Technical data Fire lifting door T90


Fire-proof lifting door T90-1-FSA "HT-E"
Z-6.20-2185 as per DIN 4102-5/EN 1634-1

Installation in

Guiding rail:
• Concrete at minimum 140 mm
• Masonry at minimum 240 mm
• Autoclaved aerated concrete slabs
   With reinforced elements at minimum 175 mm
   As per DIN 4165 at minimum 200 mm

Size range

Modular dimensions:
Width:  1000 – 3700 mm
Height: 2000 – 2950 mm

Door leaf

• Double-walled door leaf
• Door leaf thickness: 62 mm
• 1.0 mm metal sheet thickness
• Insulation: mineral fibre and gypsum board panels
• Reinforcement: U-shaped steel


Galvanised door leaf and door seal


2 double pulleys with load-bearing
and safety reserve rope featuring guide pairs
• 2 damping cylinders
• 1 radial damper
• 2 recessed handles

Special equipment

• Complete hold-open device consists of: X smoke switches
   (number of smoke switches corresponds to DIBT directives,
   edition 1988), 1 magnetic clamp each, holding brake,
   220/24 V power inverter, trigger button, audible alarm
• Electrically powered drive as opening aid in dead man control