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Fire-resistant sliding door T30-1-FSA "Teckentrup 72 E" (2.0)

New generation: Fire-resistant sliding door T30-1-FSA "Teckentrup 72 E" (2.0)

✔ 1-LEAF

Our sliding door has never been so easy and quick to install. The installation time has also been reduced by 15% thanks to the reduction in the average surface weight, the individual attachment points and additional parts.  Another plus: less required space from where the door enters to where it is stored: the sliding door 2.0 requires less space in terms of height (-25 mm), at the counter inlet (-15 mm), in the storage area (-100 mm) and as a result of the weight box in the area where the door enters (-65 mm).

Teckentrup Piktogramm_Brandschutz
As per DIN 4102/
EN 1634-1 or
European classification
as EI230 Sa/S200-C3
As per EN 1634-3/
DIN 180951

* With supplementary equipment

Technical data Fire sliding door T30


Fire-resistant sliding door T30-1-FSA "Teckentrup 72 E" (2.0)
Z-6.20-2103 as per DIN 4102-5/EN 1634-1

Installation in

Guiding rail:
• Concrete at minimum 140 mm
• Masonry in storage area only at minimum 175 mm
• Clad F60-A steel beams

Lateral walls:
• Concrete at minimum 140 mm
• Masonry at minimum 175 mm
• Autoclaved aerated concrete walls at minimum 200 mm
   For reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete panels at
   minimum 175 mm
• Clad F60-A steel beams

Size range

Modular dimensions:
Width:  1000 – 8500 mm
Height: 2000 – 6000 mm

Door leaf

Double-walled door leaf consisting of individual elements
(number depends on opening width)
• Insulation: Mineral fibre and gypsum board panels
• Door leaf thickness: 72 mm
• Metal sheet thickness: 1.0 mm
• Element weight: approx. 33 kg/m²


• Galvanised door leaf and door seal
• Special equipment:
   - Priming (similar to RAL 9002)
   - Stainless steel version
   - RAL of your choice

Glazing (optional)

For door leaf and wicket door:
17 mm thick "Promaglas 30" fire protection glass
with steel glass retaining strips

Special equipment

 • Complete hold-open device consists of: X smoke switches
   (number of smoke switches corres ponds to DIBT directives,
   edition 1988), one magnetic clamp each, 220/24 V power
   inverter, trigger button, audible alarm
• Drive asopening aid
• Freewheel function
• Plug-in hook lock- 40 + 40 mm profiled cylinder
• Niche flap
• Ceiling flap
• Artificial buffer (1-leaf only)
• Artificial headroom (ceiling installation)
• Trim

Strong design
Strong design
• Large range of RAL colours

• Guiding rail arch and guide rail cover available upon request

• With wicket door and glazing
Strong security
Strong security
• Increased stability of individual elements

• Slopes and inclines where the door opens can be compensated for via the adjustable bottom profile

• Certified fire-resistant and smoke-proof characteristics
Strong service
Strong service
• Short installation time: Saves up to 15 % thanks to lower weight

• Fewer attachments: No guiding rail arch and casing as well as element connection springs

• Care and maintenance: Considerably easier with suspended ceiling or ceiling flaps thanks to omitted trim