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Electrical driven folding doors

Electrical driven folding doors

The FE "Teckentrup 50" folding door (4-leaf, 2:2 coupled, 90° opening angle; alternatively also 2-leaf, 2:0; 0:2 coupled) can be equipped with electric sliding arm drive. This innovative, space-saving door technology meets maximum demands in terms of speed, convenience and cost-efficiency. Particularly in areas subject to high levels of traffic, such as workshops, car wash systems or paintshops an automatically opening door saves plenty of time and energy.

Door systems can either be operated using dead man or pulse control. Doors can open towards the inside or outside. As part of pulse control the unit is secured by a self-monitoring accident protection device at the main closing edge as well as photocells. Anti-clamping profiles on all vertical closing edges additionally protect from injuries.

Drive consists of

• 1 x LCU40H control at all couplings (control as per EN 12453)
• 2 x electromechanical "Ditec Dor 1BHS drive" sliding arm drive including
   sliding arm, IP 55 (coupling 2:2, opens towards the inside or outside)
• 1 x electromechanical "Ditec Dor 1BHS drive" sliding arm drive including
   sliding arm, IP 55 (coupling 2:0 or 0:2, opens towards the inside or outside)
• 1 x Open/Stop/Close button
• 2 x safety contact strip (for coupling 0:2/2:0 only one safety contact strip)
   (pulse control only)
• 1 x photocells (pulse control only)
• Centre bracket, bottom (1 x with bottom buffer, 2 x without bottom buffer

Special equipment

• 4-channel handheld transmitter on request
• 2-channel handheld transmitter (40 units per control at max.)
• External 2-channel radio receiver, 868 MHz, IP 65, digital 344
   (manual wiring)
• S-APZ 1-2T/1 key switch with PHZ
• J-APZ 4-1 R/2 key switch, Open/Close with stop button, can be locked
• KDT 3 V2 Open/Stop/Closed push button
• Pull switch without bracket
• BEA radar motion sensor
• Second reflection photocell
• Type SL11 signal/flashing light, 24 V, yellow, flashes
• Red/green signal light set/Leuci bulbs
• Control for MS2/3 traffic light system, control unit for oncoming traffic,
   suitable for use with red/green signal light set
• Digital induction loops including loop wire
• 1-channel (one-sided) ULD 911
• 2-channel (on both sides) ULD 921 (direction recognition possible)