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Roller shutter "ThermoTeck easy"

Teckentrup roller shutter ThermoTeck "easy"


The Teckentrup "Easy" roller shutter system distinguishes itself with a simple and robust design. The individual components were intelligently simplified and perfectly harmonised with one another. Cumbersome measurement work, for example for console attachment and wind shaft position, is done away with. In addition, installation is simplified with the pre-wired controller and drive. Compared to common door systems, this saves up to 40% of the installation time. The roller shutter "easy" is double-skinned, insulated and made of coated steel.

Technical data Roller shutter ThermoTeck easy

Performance characteristics (per EN 13241-1)

Thermal insulation: EN 13241-1, Annex B EN 12428
   - (door width = 4000 x 4000 mm)
   - U-Wert W/(m²*K) (complete door): 3,5 W/(m²*K)

Noise insulation value per EN717-1    - Rw = 20 dB

Air permeability: per EN 12426
   - class: 0

Resistance against wind loads per EN 12424
   - class: 2

Water penetration resistance: per EN 12425/EN 12489
   - class: 0

Installation in

• Masonry: min. 120 mm
• Concrete: min. 150 mm
• Steel
• Autoclaved aerated concrete walls:
   min. 200 mm (only with steel skirting)
• Wood: min. 240 mm

Size range

Ordering dimensions:
Width:  up to 5000 mm
Height: up to 5000 mm
(more dimension on request)


• Profile made of double-walled steel, Partition 95 mm
• Galvanised steel or coil coating

Door curtain

• Consists of hinge-like profiles pushed into one another
• Available in 2 versions:
   - ThermoTeck Easy roller shutter
   - TG-X Easy roller shutter


• Direct mount drive with integrated anti-drop device,
• Three-phase voltage 400 V, 50 Hz, IP 54, 40% ED
• With handcrank adapter (emergency handcrank = special equipment)
• TÜV tested and maintenance free


Fully wired and ready for use, with CEE plug

Special equipment

• Curtain box made of ƒ
   - galvanized steel
ƒ    - natural aluminium