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Smoke-protection door RS-1/2 "Teckentrup 62"

Teckentrup smoke-protection door

✔ 1- AND 2-LEAF

Our smoke protection doors are tested in accordance with EN 1634-3, have been issued building authority test certificates in accordance with DIN 18095-1 (only RS-1/2-62), and satisfy the requirements of future European standard specifications: S200 according to EN 13501-2. If a fire breaks out in a room, the smoke-protection doors tested in accordance with DIN 18095 are automatically closed by door closers. A special seal on three sides and the floor seal adapted to the particular application reliably protect against the penetration of smoke. Our smoke-proof steel door “RS-1/2”has a double-leaf door element, which is 62 mm thick and rebated on 3 sides. The door is equipped with corner frame 1.5 mm thick, with 3-sided seal and lower bottom threshold for sliding threshold seal in the door leaf. The galvanized and prime coated leaf and frame are similar to RAL 9002 (Grey white).


as per EN 1634-3/
DIN 18095*

as per DIN EN 1627,
RC 2, RC 3*

as per EN 20140/
EN 717-1 up to
max. RW 38 dB*


* with supplementary equipment

Technical data


Smoke-protection door RS-1/RS-2 "Teckentrup 62"
tested as per DIN 18095/EN 1634-3

Installation in

• Masonry, min. 115 mm
• Concrete, min. 100 mm
• Lightweight construction stud wall*, min. 100 mm
• Autoclaved aerated concrete, min. 115 mm

* Installation walls / installation fire walls F90 according to DIN 4102
   part 4 or according to general construction supervision test certificate

Size range

Modular dimensions 1-leaf:
Width:    625 - 1350 mm
Height: 1750 - 2500 mm

Modular dimensions 2-leaf:
Width:  1375 - 2500 mm
Height: 1750 - 2500 mm

Door leaf

• Double-skinned
• 3-leaf rebated (thin rebate)
• Door leaf thickness: 62 mm
• Panel thickness: 1.0 mm
• Security bolt: at least 1


Door leaf and frame galvanised, powder-coated and primed; grey white like RAL 9002


• Corner frame, 1.5 mm thick with 3-leaf seal and lower
   threshold for sliding threshold in door leaf
• Frame attached with exposed masonry installation

Special frame equipment: Counter frame, U frame or block frame


• Aluminium glass retainer strips and VSG glazing
• Max. pane dimensions 741 x 1,658 mm
• Round glazing with steel glass retainer strips, VSG glazing
   glazing Ø 300, 400, 500 mm

Special equipment

• Prepared for escutcheon hardware
• Top door closer as per EN 1154
• Locks (panic locks)
• Panic bar handle
• Retractable bottom seal